Medieval Food Lesson

Medieval foods
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Learning objectives

In this lesson, students will learn about the diverse and complex culinary landscape of the Middle Ages, exploring how food reflected social hierarchy, cultural practices, and geographical influences. They will also discover the role of food in religious observances, medicinal beliefs, and the artistry of medieval feasts, gaining insights into the historical significance of food in shaping medieval society. Students will have the opportunity to achieve this through choosing their own method of learning, including reading and research options, as well as the chance to engage in extension activities. This lesson includes a self-marking quiz for students to demonstrate their learning.

How would you like to learn?

Option 1: Reading

Step 1: Download a copy of the reading questions worksheet below:

Medieval Food Reading Questions.docx
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Step 2: Answer the set questions by reading the following web page:

Option 2: Internet research

Download a copy of the research worksheet and use the internet to complete the tables.

Medieval Food Research Worksheet.docx
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Test your learning

Extension activities

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