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Augustus of Prima Porta
"Augustus of Prima Porta" by Till Niermann. Used under CC BY-SA 3.0. Source:
  • Studying History at high school or college?
  • Want to improve your results on assessment tasks?
  • Need explanations and examples for difficult concepts like source analysis and evaluation?

History Skills provides you with a wide range of explanations, examples and scaffolds in order to help you get the most out of the subject.


Whether you need to develop your historical knowledge, learn source criticism skills, prepare for essays and exams, understand how to quote and reference sources, or even need to find primary and secondary sources online, you will find everything you need.

Latest News

History Skills' 'Favourites'

Due to several requests, History Skills now has a 'Favourites' page, with links to resources that other History teachers can benefit from. Check out lists of great books, podcasts, Twitter accounts and more.

Eton College Guest Blog Post

History Skills was a guest contributor to Eton College's Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning's blog. The article discussed the implementation of student-directed learning in the classroom and can be read here.

Why Study History?

Looking at trying to promote the study of History at your school? History Skills has created a short video to help you do just that.

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