Chateaux de la Louire, France.
Chateaux de la Louire, France. Source: http://loire-valley-cottages.com

Each source is made for a reason. Based upon what you know about the creator and the intended audience, you need to identify why the source was originally made.


For example, the source may have been made to:

  • persuade someone of something
  • entertain an audience
  • impress a king or government
  • record valuable information



To identify the purpose of some sources, your knowledge of the creator and the actions at a particular point in history may give you hints regarding the reasons the source was made.


For example:


The Gallic Wars, created by Julius Caesar himself during his campaigns in Gaul in the 50s BC, was written to convince the residents of Rome of the supremacy of his military and political prowess.

The building was constructed as a way of showing off Charles' wealth to other European monarchs.