Graphic depicting the Kennedy Vs Nixon debate in 1960.
Graphic depicting the Kennedy Vs Nixon debate in 1960. Source:

In comparison to corroboration, contradiction highlights the fact that some sources provide information that clearly differs from each other.


The ability to demonstrate conflicting information between sources shows that you have read and understood a vast range of evidence from a variety of perspectives.

Demonstrating source contradiction in your writing:

Crocodile Dundee (1986) and Priscilla (1994) present different depictions of Australians; one shows them as rugged bushmen and the other shows them as musical performers.


The earlier interpretation of Bean claimed that plans for the landing were undermined by currents that forced the troops’ landing craft north of their intended landing place, while Winter argues that this is wrong because the Anzacs were landed where they were intended (Bean, 1918, 435; Winter, 1991, 12).


Two sources disagree about whether this was a good idea: Hammond (1997, 201) says it was a mistake, but McCoy says it was a good idea because, “…” (2001, 28).


Whilst Hammond (1997, 201) believes that this was a mistake, McCoy seems to suggest that there was a positive strategy behind the decision, arguing that “...” (2001, 28).