The Research Process

Mosaic of Alexander the Great from Pompeii. (c. 100 BC). Naples National Archaeological Museum, Italy.
"So-called Alexander Mosaic". Naples National Archaeological Museum, Italy. Public Domain. Source:

Researching for a History assessment piece can often be the most daunting part of the subject. However, it needn't be. Research is a systematic process that, if followed step-by-step, will become a logical and efficient part of your work. Below are links to the nine stages of good research, providing explanations and examples for each one.

Overview of the Research Process

Below is a pictorial explanation about how the research process works to create a hypothesis from the results of question-driven research. As you follow the research steps, each section of the diagram is completed.

Need a digital Research Journal?

History Skills Online has a ready-to-use Research Journal that follows these 9 steps and provides links back to the website to help you at each stage of your research. You can grab it here.

Begin your research: Key Inquiry Question

Additional resources

Why don’t you start history research with a hypothesis?

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