About the Creator of History Skills

I am a high school History teacher in Australia and have created this site to help History students and teachers.


The History Skills website was launched in 2014 using the website creation platform, Jimdo.com.

Originally called History Skills Online, the name was shortened in 2017.


Senior Ancient History for Queensland (Cambridge University Press)

History Skills is proud to be a contributing author for the latest Senior Ancient History textbook for Queensland. Working as part of an outstanding group of authors who have built the product around the 'inquiry approach', I look forward to seeing how this product helps support both students an teachers in the new syllabus.


Check out an inspection copy or buy yours today here.

Ancient Rome Senior Ancient History Textbook (HTAV Publications)

History Skills was a contributing author on the Ancient Rome senior Ancient History textbook by the History Teachers' Association of Victoria. 

Fact-Checker for the BBC History Magazine

I work for the British Broadcasting Corporation as a historical fact-checker across three of their publications: BBC History Magazine, BBC World Histories, and HistoryExtra.com.


Featured Articles

Australian Teacher Magazine

History Skills was interviewed about the implementation of student-direct learning in the classroom. You can read the article here.


A second article, on the success of the History Skills website also ran here.

Eton College Guest Blog Post

History Skills was a guest contributor to Eton College's Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning's blog. The article discussed the implementation of student-directed learning in the classroom and can be read here.

History Skills Has Been Featured on Daily Edventures

The creator of HistorySkills.com has been featured on the daily blog of Anthony Salcito, the Vice President of Worldwide Education at Microsoft. Read the interview transcript here.

History Skills Has Been Featured on Bored Teachers

BoredTeachers.com has shared a guest post from History Skills about how to digitise the History classroom. Check it out here.

Global Museum: How Flipboard Can Help Bring a World of Ancient Wonders to Classrooms Half a World Away

This was a guest blog post for the Flipboard social media platform, specifically written for educators.

Speaking Engagements

National FutureSchools Conference

As part of the National FutureSchools Conference in Melbourne, I presented three round-table sessions about the digitisation of the classroom.

ISBC 2018 Annual Conference

I presented on how to use IT solutions to give students the power of choose in their learning. 

Cambridge Ancient History Brisbane Workshops

History Skills presented teacher workshops in Brisbane to promote the Cambridge University Press' high school textbook, Senior Ancient History for Queensland.


QHTA State Conference

I have presented seminars every year since 2015 on research, source analysis and evaluation to History teachers from across Queensland.

Historical Connections Conference

History Skills presented a session on different approaches to the new 'source investigation' task under the new QCAA syllabuses at the Darling Downs' History Teachers' conference on the 7th May, 2019, at the Glennie School in Toowoomba. 

'Reimagining the Past' Conference

History Skills presented a session on teaching Alexander the Great for the Darling Downs History Teachers' Network. The conference focused on the introduction of Unit 1 and Unit 2 courses in both Ancient and Modern History for the new QLD syllabuses and took place on Monday 3 September 2018.


t21c Conference

I held a session on digitising the modern classroom, giving students the power to 'choose their own lesson'. The core of my presentation can be read in the following blog post.

Teach Meet Toowoomba

I am co-hosting Teach Meet events in Toowoomba in conjunction with the University of Southern Queensland.

Other Areas of Interest

Learning Ancient Languages

I have a passion for learning to read ancient languages, including Koine Greek, Classical Latin, Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and Biblical Hebrew.

Online Presence

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