21 of the best podcasts for history buffs

Source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/podcast-microphone-record-audio-7693646/
Source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/podcast-microphone-record-audio-7693646/

History is one of the most fascinating subjects in the world, encompassing everything from the rise and fall of empires to the daily lives of ordinary people throughout the ages.


Fortunately, in the age of the internet, there are a plethora of incredible podcasts available that cover just about every aspect of history you can think of. Whether you're a casual history buff or a dedicated scholar, these podcasts offer a deep dive into some of the most interesting and important moments in human history, giving you a chance to learn something new, expand your knowledge, and gain a greater appreciation for the past.


Here, we'll be highlighting 20 of the best podcasts for those interested in history, covering everything from ancient civilizations and political revolutions to World War II and the Cold War. 

1. Hardcore History with Dan Carlin

A deep dive into some of the most interesting and important moments in history, covering topics like ancient civilizations, World War I, and the Mongol Empire.

2. The History of Rome

A comprehensive and engaging look at the history of Rome, from its founding to its collapse, covering everything from politics and military campaigns to daily life and culture.

3. Revolutions

An in-depth examination of various political revolutions throughout history, including the English, American, and French Revolutions.

4. The History of Byzantium

A continuation of The History of Rome podcast, covering the Byzantine Empire from the 5th century to the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

5. The History of England

A chronological exploration of English history, starting with the Anglo-Saxon period and going up to the present day.

6. History Extra

A podcast from the team behind BBC History Magazine, featuring interviews with historians and experts on a wide range of historical topics.

7. The History of World War II

A detailed and compelling look at the causes, events, and aftermath of World War II.

8. Stuff You Missed in History Class

A podcast that explores lesser-known stories and events from history, covering topics like famous people, social movements, and weird historical events.

9. The British History Podcast

An entertaining and informative look at the history of Britain, from its earliest days to modern times, with a focus on the people and events that shaped the country.

10. The History of English Podcast

A fascinating exploration of the English language and how it has evolved over time, with a focus on the historical and cultural factors that influenced its development.

11. The History of China

An overview of Chinese history, from the earliest days of civilization to modern times, covering topics like philosophy, religion, and politics.

12. The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

An ambitious project that aims to cover the entire history of philosophy, from ancient Greece to the present day, in chronological order.

13. The History of the Twentieth Century

A comprehensive look at the events that shaped the 20th century, including World War I, the Great Depression, and the Cold War.

14. The History of the Crusades

A detailed look at the Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages, including the political, religious, and cultural factors that led to these conflicts.

15. The History of the Cold War Podcast

An in-depth look at the global power struggle between the US and the Soviet Union, covering everything from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

16. American History Tellers

A podcast that tells the story of America through the voices of those who lived through it, covering everything from the Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights Movement.

17. High School History Recap

A podcast that provides a fun and engaging review of high school history topics, including American history, world history, and government.

18. The History of Egypt

A podcast that covers the history of Ancient Egypt, from its earliest days to the end of the pharaohs, with a focus on the culture, politics, and society of the time.

19. The Age of Napoleon

A podcast that explores the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte, covering his rise to power, his military campaigns, and his eventual downfall.

20. Handy History Teaching Tips

A podcast that offers practical advice and strategies for history teachers, covering topics like lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment.

21. Grey History Podcast

Grey History is a podcast dedicated to exploring the ambiguities of the past. Too often history is presented as black and white, and Grey History seeks to examine the area in between those two extremes. Why? Because it’s in the grey that history has its beauty, its intrigue, and, most importantly, its lessons.

How can podcasts be used in the History classroom?

Podcasts can be an incredibly useful tool in the history classroom, as they offer a number of benefits for both teachers and students. Here are a few ways that podcasts can be used in the history classroom:

Supplementing lectures and readings - Teachers can assign relevant podcast episodes as a supplement to their lectures and readings, giving students an additional perspective on the material.


Providing primary sources - Many history podcasts incorporate primary sources like letters, diaries, and speeches, which can help students gain a deeper understanding of the time period and events being discussed.

Engaging students - Podcasts can be a more engaging and entertaining way for students to learn about history than traditional textbooks and lectures, as they often use storytelling techniques and incorporate music and sound effects.


Facilitating discussions - Teachers can use podcast episodes as a starting point for class discussions and debates, encouraging students to think critically about the material and apply it to their own lives.

Creating podcasts - Teachers can also have students create their own history podcasts, which can be a fun and creative way for them to demonstrate their understanding of the material and develop their research and presentation skills.