Operation Barbarossa Lesson

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/kurai-steppe-grassland-mountains-6690410/
Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/kurai-steppe-grassland-mountains-6690410/

Learning objectives

In this lesson, students will delve into the details of Operation Barbarossa, exploring the motives behind Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, the impact of the harsh Russian winter on the German troops, and the pivotal role the operation played in shaping the course of World War II. Additionally, students will gain insights into the geopolitical dynamics of the time, including the Nazi-Soviet Pact, its subsequent betrayal, and the implications of these events on the Eastern Front and the broader conflict. Students will have the opportunity to achieve this through choosing their own method of learning, from reading and research options, as well as the chance to engage in extension activities. This lesson includes a self-marking quiz for students to demonstrate their learning.

How would you like to learn?

Option 1: Reading

Step 1: Download the reading questions worksheet below:

Barbarossa Reading Questions.docx
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Step 2: Answer the questions while reading the webpage below:

Option 2: Internet research

Download a copy of the research worksheet and use the internet to complete all the tables.

Barbarossa Research Worksheet.docx
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Test your learning

Extension activities

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