Gallipoli (Sample Lesson)

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Option 1: Readings

Step 1: Download a copy of the reading question worksheet.

Gallipoli Reading Questions.docx
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Step 2: Answer the set questions by reading the webpage below:

Option 2: Internet Research

Download a copy of the worksheet and browse the internet to find the answers to the set questions.

Gallipoli Research Questions.docx
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Option 3: Watch Documentary

Step 1: Download a copy of the viewing questions.

Gallipoli Campaign Viewing Questions.doc
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Step 2: Answer the set questions by watching the documentary below:

Test Your Learning

Gallipoli Quiz

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Extension Activities

See Gallipoli Then and Now

Explore these interactive photos to see how the Gallipoli battlefield looked - in 1915 and now.

20 Remarkable Photos From Gallipoli

Look through the eyes of the participants of the Gallipoli campaign with these photos.

The Gallipoli Campaign

Revise the main points about the Gallipoli campaign with this short YouTube video.

Drip Rifle

Learn about one of the inventions by Australians in this short YouTube video.

Gallipoli: The First Day

Have fun exploring this website! It has a 3D computer generated walk-through of the events of the first day of the Gallipoli campaign.

World War One Flipboard Magazine

Read the latest news and articles about all things relating to World War One.

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